How to plan Andaman Honeymoon Trip?

Honeymoon is a vacation or trip taken by newly married couple to celebrate their marriage and understand each other. Today, for honeymoons couples chooses the destination which considered to be more exotic or romantic, and Andaman is one the best option to proceed with. But proper planning and execution of your trip plan is very important since it should be one of the memorable one. Hence below are some of the quick tips with which you can plan smooth flow of your honeymoon trip.

The first question strikes in the mind of  any visitors while planning a visit for Andaman and Nicobar Island is that-

When to book ticket: As Andaman flight tickets are used to be expensive so, it is advisable to book your flight tickets at least three month prior. This will help you to have a very well planned and memorable trip with lot of funs. In honeymoon trips you can even decide the date for your trip very early which will help you to have easily available of tickets.

Need to focus on: Andaman is the place of beauty and nature which attracts number of visitors every year. Since you are planning your trip for honeymoon trip you should first decide with two options: First either you want to spend your trip in luxurious manner(rest more)  or you want to visit the places more and have an adventurous trip. once this is decided you can follow as per you wish.

For luxurious trip you can plan to have stay at Port Blair for two night(on the day of arrival and night before leaving) and visit the major places then you can move at Havelock and spend  more time there since it is one of the beautiful place in Andaman and nicobar island. You can prefer for some good hotels like Havelock island beach resort, sea shell, Dolphin Beach resort, wild orchid etc. and many such are available. Next you can proceed to Neil island for one day trip to various beaches as per your wish and can make your trip memorable.

For adventurous trip you can visit maximum places of Andaman and Nicobar Island like Port Blair, Havelock, Neil Island, Baratang etc. and many more such places. You can do many water sports activities like scuba diving, sea walk, glass bottom ride etc. Spending one night in Havelock and spending rest days in port blair by visiting places will help you to cover maximum places of Andaman in your trip. Havelock is the place of nature and beautiful beaches. So this should be the must plan in your tour including Elephanta beach.

As you are planning for honeymoon trip you can also include candle night dinner, Flower bed decoration etc. to make you trip more memorable and special.


Port Blair Hotels:

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How to plan: You can plan for minimum of 3N4D trip plan or maximum of 6N7D to cover the major places of Andaman. If you are planning prior then it will be helpful to get you your desired hotel and easy to book cruise ticket for your smooth flow in the plan of your trip. Unexpected event like heavy rainfall, cyclone etc. may be one of the reasons to have some changes in plan, Here comes the advantage of taking the package from local travel agent. They will change your trip plan accordingly in such circumstances. You can even plan the trip by your own but it will be risky in case of the any natural hazards.

Hope the above details are informative.

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